We also Provide Laser Cutting Services At Shreeji Laser Tech

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Balaji Waterjet Cutting Services

We offer Waterjet Technology based cutting solutions to requirement of industry specific needs. Balaji Waterjet offers the flexibility to cut various materials like stainless steel , mild steel, copper, bronze, brass, hardox, aluminium, titanium and a host of difficult materials with high precision and saving raw material wastage. We also provide value added services like cutting artistic shapes and designs in steel.


Pure Waterjet Cutting

Rubber, Foam, Gasket, Leather, Textiles, Food Stuffs

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Sheet Metals, Composite, Decorative Stones, Glass

Areas of Application

Metal Artwork
Metals, Exotic & Nontraditional Materials
Electonics Industry
Foam Products

Slitting Operations/trim & Hole Cuts
Medical / Surgical
Aircraft and Spacecraft Industries
Arms Industries
Construction Industries
Interior Decoration Industries